BCLounge - Blockchain
Multiplayer Fair Game
With a use of blockchain technology transparent draws are guaranteed at any stage of the game. Join one of the most exciting blockchain based games, open source and technology of guaranteed integrity
What we offer?
BCLounge - multiplayer smart contract based games. We are introducing the most advanced and transparent blockchain technology into the gambling world. We make a draw anonymous and fair, no fraud. It is impossible to cheat with a lottery, only one’s luck matters!
Transparent & Simple
TRON Smart Contract For the draw is used a smart contract on the TRON network
Fair play Winner determination algorithm consists of two independent random data parts generating a key operating only at the draw increasing the stochasticity of the process
Transparent & Safe Free access to open source code with GitHub and an open draw timeline is available with TRON network
Unique Random Model Random Model leveraged with human factor increase
How it works?
Each round starts from participants making bets and purchasing virtual tickets, one of those will be victorious. The last ticket number is transferred to TRON Smart Contract immediately after the betting round is complete, where the winning ticket is determined. The most crypto-sophisticated algorithm Keccak (SHA-3) is used in encryption.
Smart Contract
Collecting and sending data
Collecting and sending data Draw details are shown according to TRON Smart Contract
TRON Smart Contract Winner is determined with TRON Smart Contract
TRON Network After determining the winner, the result of the draw is recorded in the public network. Changing data after it has been recorded into the network is not possible
Project development
We have created a platform with scaling opportunity within any blockchain creating the most convenient and fair game for our users. Now one may try his luck in the Fast Game and more exciting games with unique multiplayer mechanics coming soon.
Fast Game
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